New Arrivals at Shop

A few of the new collections in the shop this year includes – 80 new bolts of 1930’s reproduction fabrics – perfect for those periwinkle stars we will be making on our Thursday Sit n’ Sew.

The newest Jan Patek fabric line, absolutely sings about warm evenings on the front porch with lightning bugs twinkling and the geraniums in full bloom! Or a cool summer morning with a great cup of coffee and the watering can …can’t you just feel it??  All 40 bolts and jellyrolls are already in the shop!!


There is no place the 3-Sisters love more than Paris in springtime. Leisurely strolls along the Seine and into the many lovely gardens are the inspirations for Printemps. Aptly named after the French word for spring and the sister’s favorite department store in Paris. Printemps is the crème de la crème in a deliciously soft palette of delicate floral prints that appear as though they were fresh picked from Marie Antoinette’s garden at Versailles. Layercakes and jellyrolls available now – bolts should arrive in February.

Drift off on a little Daydream from sketchbook doodles over hills and valleys to Arcadian streams.  This richly saturated collection glows with a fantastical mix of enchanting flowers, hummingbirds, butterflies and more. Venture into its bright glades and blissful patterns to enjoy the reverie before coming full circle to start your day again, renewed with wonder!! Layer cakes and jellyrolls available now – bolts should arrive in February.

Follow the globe, round, smooth, never ending, and expanding in every direction, no matter if you are south, west, east or north. The secret is to find your own destination and your path of beautiful clarity. Dive into the delicate story of sphere and be inspired by its vast expanse of words, three-dimensional balls, arrows, windflowers and multicolored spacey prints. Find your own direction in this world of fabrics for unique modern and fresh quilts. This collection is designed by Zen-Chic for Moda and bolts should arrive in February. Jellyrolls and layer cakes available now.

Sewing Box, Storybook, Token, Plum, Winter Wonderland, Color Me Happy are just a few of the collections arriving in February, March and April from Moda – to take a sneak peek just go to – don’t forget to check out the Bakeshop while you’re there!!





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